11 novembre 2013

The essentials

David talked about blogging light in his last post,  but beside taking as little technology as possible,  we also like to travel with small backpack. This wasn't always the case has I remember carrying 60L rucksack in Peru and Galapagos Islands. We have learned from our mistakes and nowadays,  we much prefer 20L carry-on bags.  We don't need to check them in airplanes, it's easier to keep an eye on them in crowded buses and they don't break our backs.

A lot of people have asked what we bring with us for a 6 months journey. Since our long trip in South East Asia and other shorter travel,  we made a list of what has proven useful for us and this is what is coming with us this time. This gear is all we need to cover the activities we like to do when traveling: sightseeing, casual dining, bush walking,  canoeing.  For activities that requires more equipment like scuba diving and longer trek,  we rent what we need as we go.

- 1x hat
- 1x good walking snickers (much lighter than hiking boost,  yet sufficient for long walks)
- 1x sandals
- 1x soft shell jacket (light and water resistant.  If we do feel like getting out in torrential rain,  we can always add a plastic poncho over)
- 1x long sleeve fleece
- 2x long sleeve t-shirts
- 3x t-shirts
- 1x trouser (confortable enough for hiking,  but also wearable in the city)
- 1x bermuda (more appropriate than shorts in more conservative country)
- 1x long dress / shirt (for more dressed up occasions)
- 1x swimmers
- 6x underwears
- 4x socks
- 1x small headlight
- 1x spectacles / sunglasses
- 1x pareo / lightweight travel towel
- passport / travel documents / vaccination booklet

Between the two of us,  we share:

- point and shoot camera
- small first aid kit
- toiletry kit (we buy all liquids locally to avoid hassles in airport)
- malaria pills
- Android tablet
- guide book (David would love to have a digital version,  but I like the paper copy)
- reading book (I know... I could save some weight or carry a dozen digital books like David,  but I love exchanging my paperbacks with other backpackers')
- deck of cards
- notebook and pen

That's it! Total weight: 6.5kg for Geneviève and 7.2kg for David.

3 commentaires:

Marc, celui qui n'aime pas les voyages a dit...

Je note avec soulagement la mention "6x underwear", même si ça détruit le mythe que je répands en disant à qui veut l'entendre que mon frère est parti faire le tour de l'Afrique avec sa blonde et une bobette de rechange (et j'ajoute parfois que la bobette est partagée entre les deux pour faire plus d'effet).

Les malaria pills sont moins rassurantes, cependant.

Et pourquoi les cartes sont-elles soulignées? Sont-ce les fameuses cartes des colons de catane source de frustration? Ou la collection limitée des cartes des playmates(ou mecs) de l'année? Que d'interrogations!

leaf (the indolent cook) a dit...

I love traveling light! It's so nice to walk off the plane and not have to wait around for suitcases. This is not always possible though if Simon wants to bring his very substantial collection of camera gear...

Pas a dit...

Wow. 13 kgs between the two of you! Crazy.